Empowering Veterans to Thrive in Civilian Life


Empowering Veterans to Thrive in Civilian Life

Sense of Identity

Rediscover Your Identity: Our program helps you embrace and redefine your sense of self, empowering you to thrive in civilian life with a strong, renewed identity.

Connection and Relationships:

Build Meaningful Connections: Join a community of veterans who understand your journey. Forge lasting relationships that provide support, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging. Beyond our community, you'll gain valuable skills to strengthen personal and professional relationships, enhancing your social and career life.

Finding and Executing the New Path:

Chart Your New Course: We guide you in identifying and pursuing a fulfilling new path. Execute your next mission with confidence, knowing you have the tools and support to succeed.

Your First Steps

1. Click the link "Take the First Step - Join Us Today"

2. Enter your name and email

3. Fill out application

4. Respond when a member of our team reaches out

Your Strength

At The Mission After, we recognize the valor and discipline that defined your service.

Transitioning from military to civilian life isn't just about changing routines; it's about transforming your entire approach to life.

With our unique blend of cutting-edge and time-honored techniques, we're here to guide you through this pivotal transformation.

The Path to Reintegration

You've mastered the art of war.

Now, let's channel that mastery into conquering the challenges of civilian life.

We understand the blend of psychological prowess and cultural adaptation required.

At The Mission After, we're not just acknowledging your past—we're helping you to forge your future.

Discover the Commander Within

Unleash the leader inside you. It's time to take command of your life with the same authority you once wielded in service.

Revitalize Mind and Body

Our tailored physical protocols are designed to rewire years of military conditioning, breathing new life into your brain and body. Prepare to meet civilian life's diverse demands with vigor.

Master New Forms of Communication

Learning to express yourself in a world unfamiliar with military hierarchy is crucial. We equip you with the skills to connect, share, and lead among those who've never known the meaning of "following orders."

Redefine Your Surroundings

Take control of your environment in a way that supports your new journey. It's not just about adapting; it's about thriving.

Embrace Your True Mission

It's time to identify and commit to a mission that resonates with your core values—the mission that truly matters.

What you'll receive in the first 90 days

1. Daily exercises that lead to new insights, only 10 minutes a day

2. Weekly video lessons to expand your experience of life, 5-20 minutes each

3. Mentorship calls each week where you'll connect with other vets and receive mentorship from highly skilled coaches who are also veterans

4. Access to mentors and community through messaging app available 24/7. No need to wait to get an answer to your questions or support that may be desired.

Dear Fellow Veteran,

It's been 18 years since I left the service and I've successfully learned how to develop a thriving business, community, health, and overall lifestyle. This is coming from a guy that had no plan, little hope, and zero direction when he got out. All I knew is that I was ready for the next chapter.

This letter is to you if you experienced anything like I did:

  • No idea of what of I was going to do when I got out besides go to college.

  • Lacking a sense of purpose and mission aside from paying the bills.

  • Coming home only to find that it was difficult to connect with family and friends.

  • Feeling of being alone even in the presence of others.

  • Surrounded by people who didn't have a purpose or mission either.

  • Feeling like a loser, left behind by society.

  • People saying, "thank you for your service,"' and unsure how to respond. Felt like an empty gesture.

  • Embarassed and lacking pride about my service. Feeling like I could have done more.

  • Lack of trust in the VA and let down by the system.

I didn't think I deserved a better life. But my undying perserverance got the best of me. The words have repeated in my head daily for over two decades, "one foot in front of the other." A gift I had received in military training.

In the last 18 years I've learned A LOT.

And that's what I'm here to share with you today.

In service,

Mike Bledsoe

You Are the Leader We Seek

The Mission After is not just a program; it's a new beginning. You were always meant for greatness. Let us help you rediscover and deploy your inherent leadership qualities in a world that needs them more than ever.

Your Next Mission Starts Here

Are you ready to take the first step toward your future? Join us at The Mission After, where your next mission is more than a possibility—it's a promise.

Leadership Team

Mike Bledsoe

US Navy 2001-2005

As a seasoned entrepreneur with 16 years under my belt, I've dedicated my career to guiding others to enjoy physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. My journey began after serving in the Navy, where I embraced the mission to optimize my own health, relationships and discover a greater purpose.

My passion extends beyond profession; as a health maximalist, I thrive in the great outdoors, whether it's hunting, swimming, backpacking, or immersing myself in the vibrant energy of music festivals. My life is a testament to the belif that true growth and fulfillment come from embracing adventure, direct communication, and a principled approach to decision making. These values guide both my personal and professional life, driving a relentless pursuit of health maximization and continuous improvement.

I'm committed to empowering veterans to rediscover their purpose, establishing a firm footing in society while maintaining the spirit of adventure that defines us. With a professional yet direct approach, I strive to cut through the noice, offering honest, actionable guidance that respects the unique journey of each individual. For those looking to reclaim their health and chart a new path forward, I stand ready to light the way.

Dr Lance Cutsforth

US Army 1986-1999

Disruptor of the status quo using the almost-forgotten tools of empathy, critical thinking, common sense and objective observation.

-Practitioner of the Healing Arts- Mind, Body, and Spirit

-Double Board Certified Doctor of Functional Medicine.

-Prior Army Special Forces Communications expert and Army Infantry Officer.

-Trainer, teacher, coach and guide.

Methodology: I integrate my personal, educational, and professional experience together to guide and support my co-collaborators in their journey of healing, transition, and ultimate optimization utilizing a wide array of modalities tailored to their individual needs.

Mycal Anders

US Marine Corps 2008-2012

Founder of Next Level Performance Consulting with 4,000 men and women coached since 2011. Mycal is a Performance Consultant, Marine Corps veteran, husband & father of two.

As a Marine Corps veteran with nearly 25 years of strategic leadership experience backed by multiple graduate degrees from Arizona State and Thunderbird School of Global Management, he realized the plight of leaders, people of influence, and high achievers is losing themselves in pursuit of momentous achievement. In 2011 Mycal founded Next Level Performance Consulting to build the fittest leaders by empowering Next Level men & women to prioritize their health, eliminate stress and create alignment between their habits and behaviors! Making space to be present for the things that matter: health, wealth, relationships and time.

Mycal’s Vision: A world in which leaders show up as the best version of themselves. Living in abundance & fulfillment.

Founder of Next Level, coach and motivational speaker, Mycal has been featured on the Radio Business X Podcast, Barbell Shrugged, Barbell Business, Gym Lords, Theta Wave, Paradise Valley Lifestyle Magazine, Team Red, White & Blue's "The Eagle" Podcast, and is a regularly featured speaker for Charles Schwab and Amazon.

Christy Campbell

US Navy 2002-2009

Founder of Fitme Nutrition and Co-Founder of Coaching Biz Manager, Christy is a coach, entrepreneur, mentor, Navy veteran and mom of 3.

Christy served as a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy from 2006-2009. After completing her service she worked as the Director of Marketing for the Florida Chapter of Operation Homefront.

She found coaching and fitness after going through her own personal transformation, and has since spent the last 10 years helping people build strong, healthy and resilient bodies. Along the way she found a passion for personal development, mentorship and building communities.

She authored the Advanced Connection and Communication Certification for Coaches as well as the Fitness Community Leader Certification. Her company Coaching Biz Manager helps coaches build successful businesses with online tools and support.

Christy has been a guest speaker at Microsoft, Real Coaches Summit, and the Nutrition Coaching Institute. She is the host of the Fitme Coffee Talk Podcast and has written numerous articles for Parents & Kids Magazine.

Chase Tolleson

US Navy 2010-2014

Chase Tolleson is a Navy Vet, serial entrepreneur, and lifelong fitness and personal development enthusiast. Upon exiting the Navy in 2014, he opened his own gym and realized quickly that there are more powerful levers to pull for lasting change in fitness and mindset journeys. He now coaches primarily in helping individuals unlearn and rewrite the stories in their heads, starting with the words those stories are made of.




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